Information on substance misuse prevention.

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Prevention works to lower the risk of substance misuse disorders from starting in the first place. Whether opioids, alcohol, tobacco, or other substances, New Hampshire has a program in place to shape a better tomorrow with less substance misuse. Prevention strategies or programs may focus on the individual or the environment in which they live, work, and play, and all have had an impact on New Hampshire. 

While prevention efforts are most critical for childhood and adolescence, it is also important to remember prevention needs to be applied across all age groups. Across the state, our Regional Public Health Networks have partnered with local law enforcement on projects such as Drug Take Back days, schools on projects such as Red Ribbon Week, and local community centers to bring mental health and substance misuse specific trainings.

New Hampshire’s prevention system includes a variety of strategies and programs at different levels that focus on preventing and reducing substance misuse and its impact on individuals, families, and communities.  

To learn more about Prevention in New Hampshire:

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